A new Brand identity

Client: Seriousgrafia
Brand identity
Year: 2018
Seriousgrafia is an independent screen printing project that was born and raised in a garage. Over the years, they have created numerous collections, printing various mystical and nature-themed illustrations through screen printing, always promoting the craftsmanship behind each product.
When I started working on the project, the brand identity needed a complete restyling, redefining the core values of Seriousgrafia and creating a consistent and impactful visual output.
Each new element of the corporate image refers to a specific historical period when manual labor and industry combined to complement each other. This concept is also found in various applications, where - for example - in addition to the layouts defined by grids, handwritten entries are required for various fields. The result is an aesthetic that is rough and rudimentary, blending craftsmanship with automation.​​​​​​​

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