Venerdì meme
One book, one year, +250 meme.
Client: Belka 
Editorial design

Year: 2021
Venerdì Meme is a ritual, a tradition that is repeated weekly in Belka to prepare for the arrival of the weekend.
Here's how it works: Friday arrives, and people challenge each other with memes, sharing anecdotes or work-related dynamics that occurred during the week. Then they send them to their colleagues. By the end of the year, they had over 250 memes.
When they contacted me, they needed to transform this visual material - typically digital - into a physical object, turning it into something that could be touched and flipped through: a book.
Memes are usually viewed in a small format, through phones, and they spread through chats and social networks. This makes them very lightweight images - compressed to a few tens of kilobits per second - and, by definition, of low quality. Hence the decision to maintain a small size for the book as well, presenting a pocket-sized format of 150 pages. The typographic cover expresses the lightness and irony typical of memes through jumbled characters, leaving all the graphic and photographic elements to the internal pages.
Defining a grid was of fundamental importance, allowing me to create a layout capable of accommodating the infinite formats of each specific image, while still achieving a consistent and organized pagination - thanks to Josef Müller-Brockmann and his Gryd System books.
Each image was processed in Photoshop to optimize them for printing, and then laid out in InDesign. The cover, on the other hand, was created using Illustrator. The video was produced in Premiere, and the music was composed using Ableton.
Typography: SUPERNOVA.​​​​​​​

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