Speck & Tech
Retro illustrations
Client: Speck&Tech
Year: 2022
Speck&Tech is an association that has been promoting tech-themed meetings and talks for years, characterized by a super informal and friendly atmosphere. It is usual to conclude these events with a rich buffet based on speck (typical salami from northern Italy) and beer, hence the name Speck&Tech.
The 2022 edition was special because - as the COVID-19 situation normalized - it was possible to return to live events in person.

When they contacted me, they needed a new graphic, dedicated to the 2022 season. So the concept for this new graphic was: back to reality, where I decided to use a retro aesthetic to represent the enthusiasm and synergy that direct interaction between people can generate.
With the new graphic we then created the new 2022 merchandise.

The graphic outputs contained in this project are part of further processing in which I wanted to achieve a print effect on a porous-grained paper. Among the various effects and modifications I found the use of displacement and various printed paper textures very useful.
Last but not least, the slight misalignment I wanted to give to the various colors, with the aim of simulating some imperfections and flaws that traditional printing sometimes gives.

Thank you!
Hope you enjoy

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